4th Annual Silverthon: March 23, 2019

Current Roster (updated 2/16/20):

Name 2019 Standing 2018 Standing 2017 Standing Strongest Event
Andy 1st 4th – tie 1st Log Toss
LP 2nd – tie 3rd 2nd Hummingbird Circle
Kevin 2nd – tie n/a n/a Sled Joring
CK 4th n/a n/a Sled Big Air
Other Lex 5th – tie 1st – tie 3rd Beer Pong
DZ 5th – tie 6th 4th Flip Cup
Amanda M 5th – tie n/a n/a Beer Pong
Jon Z 8th – tie 4th – tie 5th Beer Pong
Frank 8th – tie n/a n/a Sled Joring
Sexy Lexi 10th – tie n/a 5th Euchre
Jenny 10th – tie n/a 7th Drinking
Nichole 12th n/a n/a Costume Contest
DJ Dr. Pepper n/a 1st – tie n/a Log Splitting

Want a souvenir toque or a sweet track jacket? A reminder of the magical Silverthon memories for years to come!

Silverthon Hat
Silverthon Track Jacket (back)

Toque – $18 (only 1 left in stock)
Track Jacket – $50

Both made with only the colors you get excited about and perfect for cheering on your solo Silverthon team! Yay, go me!

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